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Academy One’s online nutrition course will provide you with an in depth knowledge and understanding of the process involved when the body extracts the nutrients we need from the food we eat. Knowledge and understanding of how it uses the nutrients to support life and fuel physical activity and exercise. Learn about the food you eat, the food you don’t eat, and the food you should and shouldn’t eat. This online level 2 nutrition course will provide you with an understanding of food, and knowledge of the nutritional value of food, from macro-nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein and fats, to micro-nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. You will learn how to analyse and assess specific nutritional requirements for a wide range of clients, then offer advice, plan, and prescribe dietary & nutritional programmes to meet their health, nutritional and fitness needs.  

Academy One Nutrition Course

We will provide you with all the information and skills needed to become a successful nutritional adviser. – Give comprehensive advice on diet and nutrition – Plan and prescribe dietary and nutritional programs for a wide range of clients – Provide advice and prepare logical arguments, In support of / or against particular controversial issues in diet and nutrition such as fad diets, certain supplements etc. – Understand the concepts involved with taking mineral and nutritional supplements – Understanding the potential benefits and side effects of taking ergogenic aids for exercise and sporting performance – Understand the optimal intake of food and fluid before, during and after exercise   Prerequisite– You do not need any prior qualifications or experience in order to register for this course. All the content of the Academy One nutrition course is designed and delivered to facilitate learners of all abilities.

–Distance eLearning Online
– Start course anytime
– Course materials and lectures via podcast/Video Online
– Ongoing Support and Assistance online
– Study at your own pace

– Course costs – €399
– Cost includes online examination fees

– Funding – you maybe entitled to funding for any of our courses, so contact The Department of Social Protection or your local Employment Authority office for details. Please contact us for further advise.


  • img Places Available
  • img Level: Basic
  • img Duration: Study at your own pace
  • img Location: 100% online
  • img Price: €399 (Funding Available)

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