Academy One’s online nutrition Level 3 course is a progression from the Level 2 Certificate in Diet & Nutrition , focusing on the quantities and quality of foods ingested. Also interrelationships of the digestive system with the other systems of the body is investigated alongside the effects of foods ingested on the systems of the body is highlighted. Also eating disorders and factors which effect dietary requirements are looked at along with the effects that processing, additives and environmental pollutants has on the food we eat.

Nutrition Level 3 (NFQ 5 ) Certificate

Module 1

Structure & Function of the Digestive System Macronutrients and Micronutrients – Coupled with Recapping of the fundamentals of nutrition looking at macro and micro nutrients, How much of each needs to be ingested? How nutrients are ingested, digested, absorbed and egested.

Module 2

Interrelationship of the digestive system with other systems of the body Effect of factors on dietary requirements Dietary Intolerances Importance of regular meals Looking how the other physiological systems of the body interact with the digestive system. Also how factors and specific disorders can effect the intake and absorption of nutrients.

Module 3

Hypoglycaemia Diabetes Eating disorders & disordered eating Obesity Not to mention the many diseases and disorders that can affect the amount of food individuals ingest, here we look at specific conditions which effect nutrient intake and disturb nutritional balance.

Module 4

Nutritional value of foods Quality of protein Systems of processing foods Refined & unrefined foods Methods of cooking foods Furthermore the food we eat now is very different from the food our ancestors ate. Also in this module we look at how modern processing has lead to changes in the nutritional quality of foods.

Module 5

Guidelines for eating Role of probiotics Effects of additives Effects of environmental pollutants Methods of storing foods Similar to how the foods we eat today are different from the foods our ancestors ate due to modern processing. Additionally many other substances are being added to foods today that weren’t being added many years ago. We will look at what is being added to our foods and how they affect the nutritional value of foods given these points . As well as this Diet & Nutrition course being ideal for anyone who wishes to advance their knowledge and expertise in this area. It is also for anyone who wishes to progress and excel in the field of Diet & Nutrition   Prerequisite– In order to enroll for the online nutrition Level 3(NFQ 5) course you must have completed the Academy One Diet & Nutrition level 2 or hold a Level 3 ITEC Certificate in Personal Training. Additionally all the content of the Academy One Diet & Nutrition course is designed and delivered to facilitate learners of all abilities.

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– Course costs – €399
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